A Small Good Thing
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A Small Good Blog

A Small Good Thing is a film about giant questions:

What makes us happy?

What leaves us feeling whole?

How can we work together in our communities to live in a better way?


These questions do not have easy answers and more often than not they will affect different people in different ways. For this reason, we do not want the conversation to end when the credits roll. Instead, we want to inspire further conversation -- between different family members, in different local groups, across different geographical boundaries, and even among ourselves.

In order to spend more time reflecting on happiness and meaningful living, we have decided to launch a Small Good Blog Series. Through this series we hope to continue the conversation about community and its importance for our emotional wellbeing. Each week, we will write a new blog post that focuses on a different topic: perhaps a theme featured in the film, perhaps an organization doing valuable work to make its community a happier place, perhaps a book that inspires us, or perhaps a letter from a guest writer who shares his or her insight about living a good life. The possibilities for happiness are endless, and we want to explore the infinite good people in different communities have to offer.

Finally, as we begin this blog, we want to open it up as a conversation with our supporters. Write to us, either in the comments or via email, and tell us:

What would you like to see us address?

How does a certain topic from the film make you feel?

How have you abandoned the big life for the good life?

What makes your life feel whole?


Looking forward to these exciting conversations!

With Gratitude,

The A Small Good Thing Team



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