A Small Good Thing
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How to Host a Screening


Organizing a screening of A Small Good Thing is a great way to start a discussion in your community about what it means to be happy and how, as a community, you might help one another reach a greater level of satisfaction and connectedness. We encourage hosts to charge admission to these screenings and raise money for a local initiative. You can also use the screening itself as a way to connect to and work with local partners.


Purchase a Screening License

First, determine which type of screening you would like to hold in your community and purchase the appropriate license through our website. Licenses range from $39 to $200. 

Want to see the film before you purchase a license? Just let us know by emailing [email protected].

Pick a Venue & Date

Try to pick your venue and set your date as early as possible. It’s important to allow 4-6 weeks before the event for sufficient promotion/ advertising. Consider your local library, community centers or your local theater. Once you have a venue and know the screening date, register your event on our website so we can help you promote.

Create Your Screening Team

Designate one person as the movie Event Coordinator. This person is your “go-to” for questions and running the event. Then, host a planning meeting with volunteers. Find key people who will be involved and assign responsibilities (marketing/promotion, facility planning, audio/visual, hospitality and event staffing).

Establish Audio Visual Team

The AV Team is responsible for the most crucial aspect of your event… showing the actual movie.

The AV Team should:

Test the DVD, projector and sound system the day of the event, prior to people arriving.
Play the trailer during the weeks prior to the event to promote the event.
Play the movie the night of the event.

Find Greeters, Hospitality & Follow-up Team

Inform attendees where all activities will take place. Give directions to the restrooms and any food services provided.
The Hospitality Team can serve food and refreshments at the event. (Another option would be to sell food and drinks as a fundraiser.)

Inform the audience where they can purchase the film. If you are asking for donations, make sure you explain who is receiving the profits. Make sure your attendees know why you decided to organize the event!

Create a team that can help reset anything that was moved for the event and help with clean up after the screening.

Develop Marketing & Promotions

A successful turnout is a result of well-planned and well-executed promotion. You can access all marketing materials on our Screening Resources page (you must be on a computer, not a phone, to download these files). Photos, trailer, and brief write ups that you can use in your bulletins, website and social media.

Screening Resources include:

Downloadable trailer & instructions on embedding on your own website
Facebook Banners for your event page
5 to 10 promo photos for your event page & link to all press photos
1 paragraph write up to add into a newsletter or website
1 short paragraph about Pamela Tanner Boll
The film poster in multiple sizes 
Instagram-ready images (remember to link the event in your bio!)
Facebook-ready images (to either add to your event page or share with a link to event page)

Promote Your Screening

    1. Promote via local news outlets like radio, newspaper, bulletin, and community announcements.
    2. Embed the trailer on your website. 
    3. Send emails to your database, and coordinating with your webmaster to promote via your website.
    4. Social Media: Facebook is a great way to promote your screening and our rebuild marketing materials are designed for easy posting to your community. Remember to put the date, time and location of the event. 
    5. Encourage community to invite friends and family.
    6. Share the trailer! (Instructions on our Screening Resources page)

Plan a Pre-Screening Intro and Post-Screening Q&A

Have someone introduce the film and thank people for coming. Don’t forget to thank your volunteers! Let the audience know that after the film you will be having a 20 minute question and answer and to please stay seated. See our Screening Kit for ideas of questions that commonly come up after the film.

Encourage your community to take the next step!

Encourage your community to take a small good change in the way they are living. They can visit our website for details. 
Consider having the director present for the Q and A. Please contact the film’s Producer, Paula Kirk at [email protected] for more information.


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