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Celebrate Social Work!

March is National Social Work Month


This year's theme is "Forging Solutions Out of Challenges." Our supporters are organizing screenings around the nation during the month of March to honor community organizers and social workers whose innovation, dedication, generosity, and compassion are changing lives and shaping communities across the world. Check our calendar to find an event near you or organize your own screening to celebrate social workers this March!


As we approached this new year, our team at A Small Good Thing decided that we wanted to spend more time focusing on gratitude. We wanted to bring attention to the people in our local areas who are working passionately and tirelessly to make the world a better place.
One way of acknowledging the work of these amazing people has been through this blog. We have absolutely loved hearing the stories of different people in different places who are working together in small ways to make big changes.
As we move further into 2016, however, we want to not only engage in gratitude over the Internet, but to also bring it into our local communities.

March is National Social Work Month. In the weeks leading up to this celebration, we have decided to use our platform to bring special attention to social workers and community organizers whose dedication, generosity, and compassion are changing lives and shaping communities across the world. Among the subjects of A Small Good Thing is Shirley Edgerton, a community organizer in the Berkshires empowering young people through her two organizations: Youth Alive and Rites of Passage and Empowerment (ROPE). We want to use this film to call attention to Shirley and other people who embody her spirit and who are working to better their communities each and every day.

We are thrilled to share that we will be screening A Small Good Thing with the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers this March as part of their Continuing Education curriculum. The screening will be followed by a discussion with Shirley Edgerton and Carol Trust, LICSW, the Executive Director of NASW-MA.
I would love for you to join us in honoring the incredible work social workers are doing across the world. Here are four ways you can join our celebration of social workers this March:

  • Host a Screening of A Small Good Thing in honor of a social worker or community organizer who has made a difference in your community!
    This March, we’re aiming to hold 50 screenings of the film -- one in each state and each one dedicated to a different social worker or social work organization. Use the film as a tool for outreach, as a fundraiser, or simply as a celebration of the good your community has to offer.

To kick off this campaign, we're offering 20% off all screening licenses through the end of March. Simply use the code "swmonth20" at checkout to receive 20% off your order.

  • Share a story of a social worker who has made an impact on your life! 
    We will be using our blog as a platform for sharing the stories of social workers. Email to us about someone important in your life who is doing this powerful work or about serving as a guest blogger and sharing the story of that special person with the larger community.

  • Tag a social worker on social media!  
    Each week, we plan to share inspirational quotes by and about social workers on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Share our posts and tag social workers, thanking them for the impact they are making in the world.

  • Attend a screening of A Small Good Thing this March! 
    We are constantly updating our website as new screenings pop up across the country. Join us at one of these events and participate in the discussion about social work, gratitude, and what make for a truly happy life!


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