A Small Good Thing
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Sparking discussion on college campuses

“A Small Good Thing” is exactly the type of film we need to be inspired to slow down and talk about what really matters. Our panel discussion was thought-provoking and continued the next day in the classroom. More so than ever, college institutions need to be teaching students how to connect to place, self, and community. “A Small Good Thing” gives us hope! 

- Sophie Esser Calvi, FoodWorks Director at Middlebury College


As A Small Good Thing continues to make its way across the country, we have had the pleasure of engaging with many inspiring people who strive to live with meaning and make the world a better place. Recently, the film has taken us to Brown University and Middlebury College where we have had the joy of connecting with young people around the topics of holistic happiness and meaningful living.

Both Brown and Middlebury welcomed Director Pamela Tanner Boll to engage with local activists and academics in intimate discussions in which students were able to connect personally around the issues of managing stress, community-building, and emotional well-being in the face of academic and financial pressures. For college students who are just starting to make their way into the world, participating in conversations about the lives they want to lead is extremely important. 

These university screenings also inspired incredible cross-disciplinary collaborations. At Middlebury, diverse departments such as Global Food Studies, Film and Media Culture, and Sociology came together to make the event a success. Environmentalist and 350.org Founder Bill McKibben and Youth Alive Founder Shirley Edgerton were also invited to speak at the screening, lending distinct perspectives to the discussion on meaningful living.

We offer educational screening licenses for A Small Good Thing because we want to continue these important conversations at college campuses around the country. 

If you think your college or alma mater would benefit from a screening of A Small Good Thing, please spread the word to professors, administrators or librarians and help us share this film with young people who are making big and important decisions about how they will live and find happiness in this world.


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