A Small Good Thing
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'A Small Good Thing' film delivers big, insightful perspectives on happiness

“Without taking a religious avenue but more of a spirit one, “A Small Good Thing” delivers a few ingredients of what is truly important in life, perspectives banished from wealth, from technology, and seeping in human interaction.”



Academy award-winning director Pamela Tanner Boll takes an insightful look at the essence of happiness and begs the question, “Will having more make life better?”

It is not surprising that a documentary like, ‘A Small Good Thing’ produced by Mystic Artists, would explore the idea of happiness and what it takes to accomplish that these days. In a world of heightened communication, technology, and instant access to news and entertainment all behind the quiet solace of a computer screen, the simple joys in life and interaction in the community can easily get lost. These ideals of wealth and prosperity have proven to lead to elevated stress levels and in some cases, depression.

As technology advances, people should be aware that these boosts in communication may only lead to more isolation. For more on ‘A Small Good Thing,’ click here and make plans to see the film at the upcoming Berkshire International Film Festival later this month.

Peeling away the complicated noise of the city, Boll chose to demonstrate this message driven documentary in a simpler setting, close to nature and the arts. Taking place entirely in different towns in the Berkshires, the road to happiness is thoughtfully tackled by taking a closer look into the lives of six people who are leading quiet, everyday lives.

From student Tim Durrin, who struggles to find his place in the world to a couple of community agriculturists and the road that led them to provide homegrown crops to their community, the film explores each individual’s joys and tribulations as they search for fulfillment in their lives. Some have found it and some are still on their journey.

This award-winning documentary ‘A Small Good Thing,’ offers a few perspectives on happiness without pontificating. Without taking a religious avenue but more of a spiritual one, ‘A Small Good Thing’ delivers a few ingredients of what is truly important in life, perspectives banished from wealth, from technology, and seeping in human interaction.

Having recently enjoyed success for ‘Best Documentary’ by the Boston International Film Festival in April, ‘A Small Good Thing’ will be showcased at the 10th annual Berkshire International Film Festival Thursday, May 28 through Sunday, May 31. Visit ‘A Small Good Thing’ on Facebook for more on the film and click here for more on the Berkshire International Film Festival.

Rating: 4 Stars


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