A Small Good Thing
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J. Brown Yoga Talks w/ Pamela Tanner Boll

Candid conversations about yoga and beyond. From yoga philosophy, to the business of yoga, to subjects unrelated to yoga, J and his esteemed guests always have something interesting to say.


This Episode: Pamela Tanner Boll - “A Small Good Thing” - Academy Award-Winning Producer, Director, Artist, Writer, Activist


J talks with Pamela Tanner Boll, award winning producer and director of the documentary films A Small Good Thing and Who Does She Think She Is?They discuss her earlier work and formative times in life that shaped the themes running through her movies, including the pressing issues addressed in her recent work that spoke to J deeply and inspired their conversation. They touch on the difference between holding space vs fighting for it, the challenges of making a living as an artist, and the importance of being curious, not furious.


Listen to the podcast here: http://www.jbrownyoga.com/yoga-talks-podcast/2016/8/pamela-tanner-boll


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