A Small Good Thing
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Kirsten Gould, The Fenn School

I had the good fortune to see "A Small Good Thing" last week at The Fenn School in Concord, MA.  And the extra treat was having film-maker Pamela Tanner Boll on hand for a lively Q & A afterwards. What a thought-provoking and important documentary film!  It was fascinating to watch the subjects of the film make life choices in favor of personal relationships, simplicity, environmental concerns, and healthy living as opposed to increased financial benefit which so often can limit one's real happiness.  The film contains poignant nuggets of truth, some of which are surprising, and which most of us don't think enough about in our busy daily lives.  "A Small Good Thing" is an artfully directed and intellectually engaging film definitely worth seeing.  And it may even make you re-evaluate your priorities.  Bravo!!


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