A Small Good Thing
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I applaud the filmmakers for focusing on these topics – health, simplicity, connectedness and nature – as the keys to personal and communal fulfillment versus the crazed pursuit of wealth and material consumption, and alienation from nature and our fellow human beings. The people profiled offer inspiration and insights to all of us; the idea of finding the “spark within each of us” and developing a life around that resonates on many levels. The cinematography is excellent and helps make A Small Good Thing a very Beautiful Thing. I’ll be watching it again with my family and friends the day after Thanksgiving – a perfect way to kick off the holiday season!

Supporter Lenore Barnes

It’s a lovely film. A Small Good Thing had me fantasizing about living in a small town. 

Supporter Pat Halper

Just wanted you to know my screening went well and everyone was so moved by the documentary. Other faculty are anxious show it to their classes.

Jane, Screening Host at Southern Connecticut State University

I think it is great! Very well done and nice over-arching illustration of how a community can cooperate and thrive.

Fellowship for Intentional Communities

The film is very well done. The music scores are subtly effective, enhancing the moments without detracting from them. As a teacher, it caused me to reflect on my own curriculum-driven course and question ways to add community building within our classroom (and, if an idea strikes, in the community) … As I worked through the film, I particularly enjoyed seeing the lives of those in it intertwine (Such as seeing Sean and Mark shopping at the co-op that Pete and Jen contribute to.) It felt like a real version of those Hollywood films that try this.

Robby, High School English Teacher in Monticello, MN

Climate change is not just an issue that is about changing light bulbs and boiler systems. It’s about changing what motivates us and what our goals are as people in terms of lifestyle. And what I liked about A Small Good Thing is that it helped pointed that out. That just having more and more stuff and getting further and further ahead in terms of your own economic development and your own personal economic position is not really ultimately a fulfilling goal.

Rev. Noah Evans (Host of Grace Episcopal Church screening in Medford, MA)

I thought you’d like to know that we had a full house for the A Small Good Thing screening with 91 in attendance! Except for one film that was shown at all of the Meaning Movie venues, this is the largest audience for the Wedgwood MM venue. The film was well received. I was especially interested in the experiences of the farmers since I am planning to buy some rural land once my son graduates from high school. It’s inspiring & encouraging to hear how others have managed to make small scale farming work

Kerry, Screening Host of Wedgwood Meaningful Movies

Our screening of A Small Good Thing was a great. People said it was the best community event they have attended.  We had about 75 people (young farmers, youth gardeners, middle-school dancers and so many  more!) and raised $500 for the sponsoring non profit after the expenses for film and theater.

From Phoebe, Screening Host in Willimantic, CT

I thoroughly enjoyed the film last night and it has been lingering with me all day today.  I think that Pam created a really wonderful story on so many levels.  Not only are the questions the film asks of great interest to me, I felt that the chosen subjects and the way their lives were woven together so subtly captured a sense of a community. Showing the young guy heading off with his thesis that had photos of him in yoga positions is just the sort of detail I really liked.  Also, I think the film did a beautiful job of capturing some very deep transformations in its subjects.  It didn’t over do the facts and history, but provided just enough back-story in combination with some dynamite interviews about their emotional choice-of-path changes.  I really love how intuitive Pam’s work is---questioning and investigating in such a creative and positive way.

Suki Fredericks, an audience member at the Middlebury College Screening

This is less a film about food than a film about the power of community connectedness.

Bill Densmore, Consulting Fellow / Reynolds Journalism Institute and Board Member at Journalism That Matters

I left the film so incredibly inspired; A Small Good Thing left a large impact on me! Each cast member and expert was relatable, showing that living mindfully and meaningfully is possible regardless of profession, past experiences, etc.

Sophie Miller, The Give Back Yoga Foundation

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